You need a financial account to register

To verify your identity, we will need a number from ONE of your financial accounts. We can use any of the following:

You will only need to provide the loan account number or a few digits from a credit card number. We only use this information to verify your identity. You will not be charged any money and are not sharing any account balances or other financial information with us.

We can't verify debit cards, corporate cards, American Express, Barclays, or some cards issued by banks in U.S. territories. Additionally, we can't verify student loans issued by Nelnet.

A soft inquiry will show up on your credit report to let you know that the IRS accessed your credit report information. This will not increase or decrease your credit score and lenders will not be able to see this.

Do you have this financial information available?  (If you don't have the account information on hand, you should answer 'No'.)

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