Technical Requirements

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Hardware Requirements

You will need a printer to print a copy of the confirmation letter you will receive when your EIN is assigned. If you do not have a printer, we recommend you save an electronic copy of your confirmation letter to your local hard drive or other removable storage device so you can print it at a later time.

Browser Requirements

Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption
Click here for information regarding web browser encryption requirements

Session Cookies
To use this application, please ensure that your browser supports session cookies. Please search the Internet for "how to enable session cookies" for your web browser or click here

JavaScript should be enabled in your browser to fully utilize all the features within this web application, such as help topics. JavaScript is used to enhance usability and interactivity. Please search the Internet for "how to enable JavaScript" in your web browser or click here

Pop-Up Blockers
Certain pop-up blockers may prevent some of the help features on this web application from opening properly. If you are having trouble opening help topics or other links, we recommend you change your browser settings to allow pop-ups for this web site. You can find instructions for your particular web browser or pop-up blocker by searching the Internet using the term "how to enable pop-ups".

Software Requirements

Adobe Reader
You will need Adobe Reader to view and print many of the documents in this application. If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed, you can download it here: