Excise Tax Return

Select "Yes" to this question if your business is involved in one or more of the following:

  • Does your business involve the sale of local telephone service, toll telephone service, or teletypewriter exchange services?
  • Do you transport persons or property by air for compensation, including the officers and employees of your business?
  • Does your business own or lease an aircraft or a fraction of an aircraft?
  • Does your business mine coal (underground or surface)?
  • Does your business sell the tires you manufacture?
  • Does your business import vehicles that do not meet the standards for fuel economy?
  • Does your business sell or use vaccines that were manufactured, produced, or shipped from another country into the United States?
  • Does your business manufacture sport fishing equipment, fishing rods, fishing poles, electric outboard motors, bows, quivers, broadheads, points, or arrow shafts?
  • Does your business pay premiums to a broker or to an insurer located in a foreign country?
  • Does your business structure include a captive insurance company which is located in a foreign country?
  • Does your business operate a refinery that receives crude oil, or have a person that enters the petroleum product for consumption, use, or warehousing?
  • Does your business manufacture or import ozone depleting chemicals?
  • Does your business import electronic or foam items manufactured in a foreign country?
  • Are you liable for diesel fuel, kerosene, or gasoline removal from the mechanism used to dispense motor fuel products from the terminal into tank trucks or rail cars?
  • Does your business sell truck chassis, truck bodies, semi trailer chassis, or tractors?
  • Does your business operate a commercial ship or transport passengers that engage in gambling aboard a ship beyond territorial waters of the United States that you own?
  • Does your business involve bearer bonds or obligations that are not in a registered form?
  • Does your business acquire directly or indirectly structured settlement payment rights in a structured settlement factoring transaction entered into after February 21, 2002?